Membership in CARI is an investment in your company.


As an industry association, CARI gives members a collective credible voice to address policy-related issues with various levels of government. Our registered lobbyist advocates for the industry to minimize the negative effects of government legislation and regulations at the local, provincial, national and international levels. CARI actively educates both governments and the public on issues that have been subject to unnecessary regulations or restrictions on recycling.


CARI organizes major networking events involving hundreds of key players in the Canadian and North American recycling industry. Our annual convention, golf tournaments, chapter meetings and consumers’ night all enable members to meet and do business.


CARI uses videos, speaking engagements, and the media to promote our industry to the public and the government. We keep members apprised of activity within the association and developments within the industry through newsletters, bulletins, chapter meetings, and our website. Members have access to CARI staff to assist them in their local public relations activities.


Full-time CARI staff provide members with crucial resources to effectively operate their business. Each CARI member company receives an Environmental Management Handbook, Human Resources Manual, Health and Safety Manual, all of which have been written specifically for the recycling industry. Members receive an annual membership directory as well as access to the online directory.

Cost-Saving Services

Every activity CARI undertakes is designed to reduce operating costs and/or expand markets.

Insurance Property and Casualty

Only CARI members can take advantage of the CARI Group Property & Casualty Insurance Program. This exclusive business insurance and risk management program for Canadian recycling companies can also be tailored to specific needs of members. Members may obtain quotations at no cost or obligation from Cowan insurance brokers.

Group Health Benefits

CARI members may take advantage of lower cost group rates while tailoring a plan to suit their specific needs under the umbrella of the CARI Health Benefits Insurance Group Plan. Members and non-members may obtain quotations. Contact Agro Insurance for more information about group health benefits and employee insurance.


CARI members are exempted from the membership fee for the NASCO-OP, a purchasing organization for the recycling industry since 1959. Members use the purchasing power of thousands to get to best prices on the equipment and supplies they use in everyday operations. NASCO-OP provides thousands of products in one location, and online catalogs. Members usually receive an annual patronage dividend.

Petro-Canada Superpass

Through SuperPass, CARI members can take advantage of significant savings for gasoline and diesel prices and other services provided at Petro-Canada retail service stations. Members can control fuel costs in a convenient and secure manner, through access to complete and detailed transaction activity. Card use may be restricted to certain drivers, certain vehicles, certain gas stations, certain times of day, days of the week, or types of purchase.

RIOS Certification

The Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS) is an industry-specific management system that integrates operational elements to improve quality, health and safety, and environmental outcomes. CARI members receive access to RIOS tools and services at a discounted rate of 50 percent.

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