About CARI

The Canadian Association of Recycling Industries (CARI) is an industry association made up of over 200 member companies in the recycling sector that process, broker, and consume recyclable commodities, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, electronics, paper, rubber, glass, textiles, and plastics. CARI was founded in 1941 at the request of the Canadian government, which sought high-quality scrap metal to support the war effort. CARI has evolved into a powerful industry association representing companies from small family scrap yards to massive capital-intensive processing plants. Members are engaged in the recycling of all commodities, but the majority deal primarily or exclusively in metals. Every activity CARI undertakes is aimed at improving the economic position of our member companies and promoting the recycling industry.

Our Mission:


Core Values

The following concepts are central to CARI:

  • Recyclable materials are not waste
  • Recycling is the industry of sustainable development
  • Recycling is an environmental solution
  • Recycling creates jobs
  • Canada should have a national recycling policy
  • Governments should focus on ensuring products are properly designed and on increasing the demand for recycled products, rather than the collection of recyclable materials
  • Governments' legislation and regulations should be simple, distinguish recyclables from waste, prevent overlap in jurisdictions, and support free trade

Organizational Structure

CARI is made up of active and non-active member companies. Active members are enterprises engaged in the handling, buying and/or selling of recycled materials; non-active members are organizations that support these businesses. Members also have the option of forming regional chapters. Our association is governed by a 12-person elected Board of Directors: 10 representatives from active member firms from across Canada, 1 from the non-Canadian members, and the immediate Past Chair. The Board establishes policies and procedures in keeping with CARI’s by-laws, and issues directives to the association staff. Day-to-day activities are undertaken by the Association’s staff. CARI’s chief staff officer is the President and CEO, who oversees the Association’s daily operations and implements the policies set forth by the Board.

2018-2019 Board of Directors

Atlantic Region
  • Jonathan Ross, John Ross & Sons
Quebec Region
Kevin Golberg, MetroBec Inc.
  • Mario Monchamp, Liebherr-Canada Ltd
Ontario Region
  • Peter Racco, Ram Iron and Metal Inc.
  • Bo Zhang, Bomet Recycling

Aaron Rosenthal, Cooper's Iron and Metals Inc.
  • Matthew Zubick, John Zubick Limited
Prairie Region
  • Hart Kaplan, Western Scrap Metals Inc.
Alberta Region
Bob Bevins, Bulldog Metals Ltd.
British Columbia Region
  • Helene Dalton, Schnitzer Steel
U.S. Region
  • Kevin Santoro, Cronimet Corporation

Past Chair
Dan Klufas, Federal Metals Inc.

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